Purpose and aim
We are committed to complying with the 2010 Bribery Act as well as making sure that the opportunity for fraud, theft and corruption is mitigated by robust accounting and auditing procedures. In addition, our Company Code of Conduct includes rules regarding the recording and acceptance of gifts and hospitality.
Statement of Policy
The Company Code of Conduct and Financial Regulations detail the financial procedures and systems for approving and recording all transactions. The Operations Director of Ioma Clothing is responsible for financial governance as well as reviewing and implementing these Codes and Regulations in collaboration with the Managing Director.
The Company expect all Directors and employees to comply with the 2010 Bribery Act, the Employee Code of Conduct, and the Company Financial Regulations to ensure adherence to: -
• financial and accounting procedures.
• contractual and client reporting requirements.
• appropriate client relationship management standards.
• declaration of all offers of gifts and hospitality to the Managing Director.
• probity, integrity and good standing of Ioma Clothing.
The company promotes and ensures a culture of transparency, openness, and integrity in all of our commercial dealings. As a consequence, the “Work Uniform Company” has a Gifts and Hospitality Declaration Form requiring all Directors and staff to record the acceptance of any such invitations or gifts and gain the written approval of the Managing Director before acceptance.
This Policy Statement and the associated procedures detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Employment, the Employee Handbook as well as during Induction and any training and CPD activity. The Company Code of Conduct incorporates these financial regulation, anti- fraud and corruption measures supported by inspection and audit arrangements as well as a “whistleblower” policy in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. The Managing Director of Ioma Clothing will investigate all allegations of any financial malpractice or any breaches of the Company Code of Conduct and pursue dismissal for Gross Misconduct as well as consider criminal proceedings.

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