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Our brand-new Corporate Clothing Overview is a visual tool that provides a clear path through our range of high-quality corporate tailoring.

Brook Taverner in partnership with The Work Uniform Company - know what combinations work. Our extensive ranges of fabrics, garment fits, styles and colours are designed to meet the most demanding of work environments. Our investment in stock and variety is your guarantee to a successful uniform rollout.

Having the right image for your business, especially in industries with frontline employees can set the tone of the relationship you have with your customers.
Having a high-quality appearance in your business will result in a number of benefits. Improved staff morale and efficiency, increased teamwork and a much more focused mind-set can all come from dressing and looking the part. What you wear has also been proven to affect both yourself and the people observing you. Dress like a confident, successful businessperson and you’re more likely to elevate your performance and characteristics to match. Dress like a casual, relaxed person heading to the beach and your mannerisms are more likely to reflect that (Nice idea though if you have a surf board shop!)
Brook Taverner have carefully selected only a handful of highly experienced and passionate distributors such as the Work Uniform Company to represent them in the U.K. Both companies have a passion for fabrics and tailoring and an obsession for detail and garment performance.

Our stringent quality control processes ensure that every garment from our wardrobe is of the highest standard. Our testers take each item of clothing, whether it is a business suit, a tailored jacket, or some other piece of work clothing, and put it through its paces. This includes wearing and washing it to destruction.
• tailored suits
• tailored jackets and waistcoats
• men's trousers
• ladies' trousers
• skirts
• overcoats
• shirts & blouses

We hope that you will enjoy many years trying to do the same!