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Our brand-new Corporate Clothing Overview is a visual tool that provides a clear path through our range of high-quality corporate tailoring.

Welcome to the World of Brook Taverner in partnership with The Work Uniform Company! Explore the art of creating perfect combinations that seamlessly align with your business objectives.

At Brook Taverner, we possess an extensive collection of fabrics, garment fits, styles, and colors meticulously crafted to thrive in diverse work environments. Our inventory and variety serve as your uniform superhero cape, ensuring a successful rollout on every occasion.

Moreover, cultivating the right image for your business is akin to earning bonus points in the realm of customer relationships, particularly in industries where frontline heroes play a crucial role. Imagine elevated staff morale, heightened efficiency, and a team that is as interconnected as a network of Wi-Fi hotspots – all achieved through dressing the part! Your attire isn't merely clothing; it's your passport to a transformative mindset. Embrace the attire of a confident business leader, and witness a remarkable surge in performance.

Brook Taverner transcends being a brand; we are your style allies. We have carefully selected only the most exceptional and dedicated distributors, such as the Work Uniform Company, to share our passion for fashion in the UK. Together, we are committed to the art of fabrics, tailoring, and an unwavering focus on the minutest details – because it's the small things that make the most significant impact.

Now, prepare for an exceptional display of quality! Our garments don't merely meet quality standards; they surpass them! Every piece, be it a sophisticated business suit, a meticulously tailored jacket, or robust work attire, undergoes the ultimate test – enduring wearing and washing to the point of durability.

Immerse yourself in the Brook Taverner experience, where style seamlessly intertwines with durability, ensuring years of enduring excellence!

  1. Corporate Executives/Leadership Roles: CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), CFOs (Chief Financial Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers), COOs (Chief Operating Officers), Presidents and Vice Presidents
  2. Finance and Banking : Investment Bankers, Financial Analysts, Accountants, Stockbrokers
  3. Legal Profession: Lawyers, Attorneys, Judges, Legal Advisors
  4. Business and Management: Business Consultants, Management Consultants, Business Analysts, Project Managers
  1. Government and Politics: Government Officials, Political Leaders, Diplomats
  2. Real Estate: Real Estate Agents, Property Managers
  3. Sales and Marketing: Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Account Executives
  4. Corporate Communications: Public Relations (PR) Professionals, Corporate Communications Managers
  5. Human Resources: HR Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists
  6. Technology and IT: IT Managers, Technology Consultants
  7. Healthcare Administration: Hospital Administrators, Healthcare Executives
  8. Education Administration: University Deans, School Principals
  9. Event Management: Event Planners, Event Managers
  10. Hospitality Management: Hotel Managers, Restaurant Managers
  11. Fashion and Retail Management: Retail Managers, Fashion Buyers
  12. Professional Services: Architects, Engineers
  13. Media and Broadcasting: News Anchors, Broadcast Journalists




Great Troubleshooters

I am very happy with the service I got from The Work Uniform Company and particularly with Misha who proved to be a great troubleshooter. I got a brilliant customer service, and I felt at ease and confident that my order would be delivered to me. Misha responded promptly and efficiently. Thank you for your kind assistance!

- Ms Howe

5* Customer Service
I haven't even received my order yet, but just want to give 5*'s for the excellent customer service so far. If only all companies were this efficient!

- Ms Chouhan

Great Team

They have been truly amazing since we changed providers, reactive, professional, engaging and accommodating. We use a lot of uniform, much is bespoke to our needs and the partnership we have with the Work Uniform Company enables us to set us apart from the "others". Great team!

- Mr Lee