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      In-House Embroidery

      Please note that personalised branded garments are non returnable.

      How do I arrange Embroidery for my Uniform order?

      Company logos, designs and images are subject to a £25 artwork setup charge.

      This is a one-off charge.

      Please click the link below to add this charge to your order.

      Typically a company logo on the left-hand breast of a garment which measures no greater than 10cm by 10cm will cost £3.50 each. Please click the link below to add this charge to your order.

      Company names and individual names are charged at £2.50 per name. (up to a maximum of 30 letters) Please click the link below to add this charge to your order. The standardised offer for name application is :

      Font : Helvetica bold (Upper & Lower Case)

      Size : 1cm tall

      Placement : Left breast

      Thread colour : White or Black

      Please note : this option for application does not include a design approval form

      Specifics will be arranged via email with the sales team.

      Either send your logo to: embroidery@workuniformcompany.co.uk

      Or use the form at the bottom of the page to upload your logo and write a summary of your requirements.

      We will send you a design approval form within 3 working days.

      Which Logos are Suitable ?

      Please ensure that your logo is a high resolution jpeg/psd/ai file so we can achieve the best possible embroidery for you.

      If you only have a low resolution image then there will be further charges for our graphics team to trace you a new logo. Cost is dependent upon the logo complexity.

      We can embroider on a wide variety of garment styles including polos, jumpers, jackets, caps, pocket flaps and ties.
      Please be aware that not all garments are suitable for embroidery.

      The heavier the fabric, the better the embroidery. It is possible to embroider lightweight fabrics but it runs the risk of puckering the fabric or creating a hole in the material. We use an extra sheet of backing to combat this issue.

      Waterproof fabrics will lose their waterproof integrity if the fabrics are punctured with the embroidery needles. it would be better for these items to be heat sealed.

      The Work Uniform Company Embroidery Logo

      The Work Uniform Company has a well established in-house embroidery department providing our workwear customers with a fast and reliable service.

      emb iconWhat is Embroidery? 

      Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto a garment using our high tech computerised embroidery machine.

      The finish is sleek and professional, hardwearing and durable.

      Our state of the art embroidery machines stitch up to 1000 stitches per minute with absolute accuracy, and can stitch up to 16 different colours for any one design. This gives incredible flexibility, and with nearly 500 colours to choose from, allows for shading and complexity you just can't achieve with other types of printing.

      Embroidered Workwear

      We have a team of highly skilled operators with the capacity to produce 10,000 embroideries per week.

      The Work Uniform Company Embroidery Logo
      The Work Uniform Company Embroidery Logo
      The Work Uniform Company Embroidery Logo

       How do I arrange Heat Seal for my Uniform order?

      Please follow the same process above to send in your logo for the creation of a heat-applied transfer.

      Single colour plain text is the cheapest option and can be created in-house.

      For a design with multiple colours within the image, we will send the design off for the creation of the transfer. This will incur a one-off charge based upon the quote and quantities required.

      There is a minimum order quantity of x25 designs for this style of application.

      Lead time for receiving the quote and artwork is 2 working days. Once approved, the heat seal designs take a week to arrive on site with us.